Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Cautionary Note

Some new readers – and maybe some regular readers – of this blog may feel inspired by the content to join one or more of the many discussion forums on the internet devoted to the Highgate Vampire case. Perhaps YOU wish to share your opinions and discuss those of others.  Please do, by all means. But please also observe this note of caution from the BOS:

Since the inception of the internet one person, under a list of aliases (slightly more disguised than "Allan Farrow"), and occasionally with the assistance of a tiny band of supporters, has been trolling the web, disseminating negative disinformation not only about the last President of the BOS, but also about anyone who is perceived to "take his side" in debate about the Highgate phenomenon. This person makes it his business to orchestrate the flooding of any online discussion about the case with multiple abuse in an attempt to start flame wars and inevitably have forums closed. His rationale? He cannot stand criticism or adult debate, and seeks to extend a personal obsession with Seán Manchester, his family and anyone he perceives to be on friendly terms with them. There are of course, unfortunately, a handful of other like-minded trolls out there who replicate this illegal and malicious behaviour towards Seán Manchester, his family, friends and as many colleagues of his they can track down.

We welcome all forms of genuine online debate, and are more than happy to answer reasonable questions about the paranormal on various forums provided for that purpose. However, because of the sheer malice and stalking tendencies which are exhibited towards Seán Manchester and his associates both on and offline by this individual, including multitudinous hateblogs, we do advise anyone contributing to such forums to be extremely careful about protecting their real identity from anyone they do not trust 100% – including their real name, home address and email address.

Please do not let this note of caution put you off from contributing your views on material which you may have read on the wide array of forums that exist on the topic being exploited by one man and his cronies.  All private correspondence to Seán Manchester and his colleagues is treated in strictest confidence and always has been. Just PLEASE, stay safe online! Online debate can be rewarding – getting stalked is not.

If you feel that, as a result of online debate about any matters pertaining to us or the Highgate case, your personal safety or privacy is being compromised or you receive threats from anyone, whether posting under aliases or not, in the first instance we suggest that you telephone the police who are well aware of this individual's previous history in this regard and indeed his small band of trolls and their relevant IP addresses.

For guidance on protective behaviours online, click here:

Please do not feel threatened or intimidated into not being able to express your thoughts and views online  – just be sure to do it in a way that keeps your safety and privacy intact.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Farrant's Fraudulent Form

Above are several forms claimed by David Farrant as his own. The mauve one with his image obscuring its full title is a genuine British Occult Society form which has had Farrant's home address superimposed over the original address on the form. Farrant has used a similar font, but if you look closely it is not absolutely parallel with the title at the foot of the membership application. The original bona fide application form appears below. On three of the other forms he has stolen the surround design to the genuine form and applied it to his own. What Farrant did with his bogus forms he also attempted to do with the Highgate Vampire case, ie he tried to hijack it and then pervert it into something it was not. The above membership forms have also been copied and perverted to suit his interloping agenda and fraudulent claims. This is a real British Occult Society application form:

A small sample of completed membership forms appear below together with an uncompleted form like the one Farrant obviously managed to procure and doctor for his own fraudulent purposes:

From Farrant to Farrow and Back Again

David Farrant, when arrested on the night of 17 August 1970, gave the police and later the magistrate's court the name "Allan Farrow" which he continued to use throughout his stay on remand at Brixton Prison until his release. Hence prison correspondence from Farrant being in the name of "Farrow." He had not yet attempted to hijack the name of the British Occult Society. That would come later, but when he was contacted by the BBC to discuss his arrest and reconstruct events leading up to it, he told them he was associated with the BOS.

For the record, David Farrant (aka Allan Farrow) has at no time in his life been associated or otherwise connected to the British Occult Society, and many times the BOS was obliged to publish retractions following his fraudulent claims in that regard. He persisted with them for the rest of the decade, first claiming to be a member, then its president, then its founder, and, even more bizarrely, its high priest. He was not taken seriously, but when he used these titles during his appearances at the Old Bailey in the summer of 1974, court reporters were obliged to quote him exactly as he described himself, albeit with the prefix "self-styled," by which time he had long since ditched the curious pseudonym of "Allan Farrow."

Farrant has provided on YouTube a video interview with a certain Redmond McWilliams, who, though not knowing Farrant for very long, regards him as one of his "dearest friends."

The final part of the interview finds Farrant rewriting history over his BBC television appearance on 15 October 1970 where he pulled out a wooden stake and a cross from within his trousers and went about reconstructing his pseudo-vampire hunting antics on the night in question when he was arrested by police patrolling Highgate Cemetery at midnight in search of black magic devotees. They instead stumbled across Farrant with his cross and stake.

In his interview with his close friend McWilliams, Farrant claims his appearance on the BBC was not a reconstruction (when the narrator makes it absolutely apparent that it was), but instead something the BBC asked him to do. He also claims that the stake was not for the purpose of hunting a vampire, but to use to inscribe a circle with a piece of string. He fails to explain why he needed a cross for this purpose, or why a witch, as he later claimed to be, would have need of a Catholic rosary suspended around his neck. He also claims that he was misrepresented in the press and that the police set him up and fabricated his statement where he openly admitted to hunting a vampire when they arrested him. Quite what the BBC, the press or the police would have to gain by misrepresenting him in this way is not explained other than everyone was supposedly out to get him. Such paranoid deflections were not evident back in 1970 when Farrant boasted to the Hampstead & Highgate Express, 6 March 1970: "The odd thing is there was no outward sign of how they died. Much remains unexplained, but what I have recently learnt all points to the vampire theory being the most likely answer. Should this be so, I for one am prepared to pursue it, taking whatever means might be necessary so that we can all rest." Now Farrant says he was just "humouring" the newspaper and has never in his life believed in such things.

Click on the newspaper cutting from October 1970 at the top of this page to hear Farrant completely revise his activities during that year. Jump to the timeline 20:44 of the thirty-four minutes' video to view original footage of Farrant pulling a cross and stake out of his trousers on the BBC programme, and listen to him evade McWilliams' question, blame the police for "framing" him and then have the audacity to claim that the only reason he was filmed vampire hunting during the reconstruction was because that is "what they wanted." There was no string attached to the stake, as he now claims, adding that the police removed it, and in a series of extracts from interviews spanning many years he can be heard admitting to the very thing he now denies. These interviews are available on a CD titled The Devil's Fool where relevant excerpts from broadcast and private interviews can be heard.

Was there a conspiracy to frame Farrant, or was he jumping on a bandwagon for the sake of his own self-aggrandising publicity in a pathetic attempt to emulate those more seriously engaged in the pursuit of the vampiric presence haunting London's most famous cemetery? After all these years is he suffering from delusional paranioa, or is he still churning out claims and statements he knows to be false? Or could it be an alternating mixture of both deluson and lies? Whatever the case, a polygraph test is something he has so far avoided.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Official Statement About David Farrant (Allan Farrow)

Official Statement sent by Isaac Ben Jacob to the Right Rev'd Seán Manchester regarding David Farrant (aka Allan Farrow) and an unknown person variously calling herself "Della Maria Vallicrus" or "Della Escarti" or "Della Farrant":
"Me and my wife have discovered with a lot of surprise the existence of several blogs where we are notably being associated with David Farrant and his wife or girlfriend (I don't know if she is his wife or his girlfriend), whereas we have absolutely no contact with him, and we absolutely do not share his ideas.
"I wish to underline that my wife met David Farrant once or twice during meetings, and that it was David Farrant who started to talk to her, whereas she didn't know anything about him or his past. We recently found out that the reason why David Farrant initially made contact with my wife was in order to manipulate us, and to make you believe she was Della. If you look closely at the pictures of Della [posted in blogs], you will notice that the Della shown on the photos is always hiding her face, and that she always takes a posture which does not allow anyone to determine exactly how tall she is.
"I have attended a meeting myself three months ago, and I have seen Della and David Farrant together at this occasion. And when I tried to take a picture of them, Della immediately threw herself at me and my wife in order to force us to delete the photo from our camera.
"We do not have any relation or contact with Della and David Farrant, and we don't want to be associated with these two persons in any way, shape or form, because they have a sulfurous past, they have a reputation of being Satanists, and they are acquainted with people like Jean-Paul Bourre, whom I don't want to hear about.
"I know you have done research about me, and consequently you know I am an earnest academic researcher who uses scientific methods. Therefore you also know that I reject and condemn all magical practices, heretical deviancies, and obviously, people such as David Farrant, who have practised Satanism.
"I think that you and I have been manipulated in this case, and that you could help us reestablish the truth."

Friday, 13 April 2012

President of the British Occult Society

Seán Manchester was the last President of the British Occult Society. He was also the first to partly bring the British Occult Society from out beneath its dusty covers where it had languished for more than a century. Elected on 21 June 1967, he remained until the British Occult Society's dissolution on 8 August 1988. Hence Seán Manchester features prominently. The above image shows him during an exorcism attempt at Highgate Cemetery in 1970, as recorded in the Hornsey Journal, 28 August 1970, under the heading "Secret Exorcism At Highgate Tomb."

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dissolution, Death & Impostors

Anthony Hogg and the demonic mask behind which he hides.
"BOS, you must be an impostor, as the actual BOS was dissolved in 1988." - Anthony Hogg (The Vampire Exhumed)
"Is the group truly inactive if they're still posting? Must be an imposter!" - Anthony Hogg (unofficial THCVAS Facebook group created by Redmond McWilliams)
It was us who supplied that particular piece of information now apparently being used against us by someone on the other side of the planet. We state on our blog, as well as elsewhere on the internet, that the British Occult Society was formally dissolved on 8 August 1988. Curiously or not, as the case may be, its members did not dissolve, save for those who are long since deceased of which there are unfortunately all too many.
The British Occult Society as an organisation investigating occult and supernatural phenomena ceased to be an entity virtually quarter of a century ago. This blog is about the Britsih Occult Society by a remnant of its former members who are not "impostors" and resent being described as such.
The BOS is "truly inactive." Those of us comprising some of its former members, however, are not.
Seán Manchester, of course, is the author of The Vampire Exhumed, albeit a title unpublished but listed nonetheless, so whoever is claiming to represent The Vampire Exhumed must be an impostor!